Pet Spot Services Policy

You may review and print a copy of the services policy by clicking the link below.

Pet Spot Services Policy

The Pet Spot Services Policy

The Pet Spot, Inc., (TPS) staff strives to make every guests stay enjoyable and safe.  Our staff is dedicated to the wellbeing of our furry friends and your pets.  Please review our policies before using our boarding, daycare, grooming, or training services:

  • ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: Owner acknowledges and is aware that the employees of TPS are not veterinarians and do not have backgrounds in animal medicine and are not expected to diagnose or detect illnesses in the pets that are staying at TPS. In addition, Owner acknowledges and is aware that no amount of supervision, sanitation or personalized care can prevent a pet from contracting an airborne virus or communicable disease. Owner understands these risks and hereby releases TPS, its employees or members or other agents, from any and all losses, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with any injury, communicable disease, airborne virus, or any other medical condition contracted by Owner’s Pet at TPS. This also applies to any claims for injuries or damages related to such medical care or transport. Furthermore, Owner agrees to be held solely responsible for any and all acts and behavior of said Pet while in the care of TPS, including payment of costs for injury to staff or other animals or damage to facilities caused directly by the Pet.


  • DISCLOSURE: By execution of this Agreement and leaving your pet with The Pet Spot (TPS), Owner certifies to the accurate disclosure of all information provided to TPS either in writing or orally about the Pet and Owner specifically represents that he or she is the sole owner of the Pet, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Owner agrees to disclose to TPS all known medical conditions and/or behavior problems, which may affect Pet’s care.  Owner specifically represents to TPS that Pet is healthy and meets TPS’ published vaccination standards. TPS reserves the right to refuse service to any Pet for any reason, at any time, including, but not limited to: pets lacking proof of vaccinations, pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions and/or pets exhibiting aggressive or unacceptable behavior. In addition, Owner agrees that if any fleas or ticks are discovered on the Pet during check-in or at any time during the Pet’s Services, TPS will administer a flea bath to the Pet at Owner’s expense. Owner represents that each time Pet is brought to TPS, Owner is recertifying that the Pet is in good health and has not had any communicable illness of any kind for 30 days prior to check-in. Owner further agrees to inform TPS of any changes in pet’s condition and/or behavior prior to subsequent check-ins. TPS cannot accept your pet without proof of vaccinations.  TPS cannot accept any pet with stitches, bandages, cast or head cone without prior approval from management.  TPS does not accept puppies less than four months of age.  Pets should receive vaccinations at least two week prior to service at TPS.



  • VETERINARY ATTENTION: In the unlikely event that your pet needs veterinary attention during the stay, owner authorizes TPS staff to obtain medical attention for Pet from any qualified veterinarian and to transport Pet to and from that veterinarian when TPS deems such medical care is important to your pet’s health. Owner grants TPS or its staff full power of decision-making involving the medical treatment of Pet and Owner agrees to pay for all costs associated.  TPS offers a health insurance program to cover up to $500 in veterinary coverage while your pet is utilizing our services.  Health insurance program does not cover preexisting conditions, viruses, parasites, canine tracheobronchitis, or any digestive issue caused by Owner failure to provide Pet’s own food as per published policy.  All expenses above $500 are to be paid by the pet’s owner directly to the veterinarian.


  1. TPS staff will contact pet owner by phone and email (important for pet owner to leave active emergency contact phone number and functioning email address).
  2. TPS staff will transport your pet to veterinarian.
  3. TPS staff will instruct veterinarian to perform emergency care if required. (If pet owner wishes to have a “do not resuscitate” order, please advise TPS manager before services.)
  4. After pet has been delivered to veterinarian by TPS staff, owner must contact veterinarian directly for medical updates and payment arrangements.
  5. TPS requests that pet owner keep TPS management updated on medical condition and improvement reports from the veterinarian.
  6. At pet owner’s request, TPS will transport your pet from TPS veterinarian to veterinarian of your choosing.
  7. After veterinarian treatment and approval, upon pet owner’s request, TPS will transport your pet back to TPS for remainder of the boarding stay.


  • SUNDAY PICKUP CHARGE: Owner acknowledges and is aware that Sunday evening pickups will incur Sunday night boarding charges unless owner has elected to purchase daycare for Sunday.


  • CHECK-OUT TIME: Owner acknowledges and is aware that check-out time is 11am Monday through Saturday. A two hour grace is given before charges are incurred for that day’s stay. If Pet is doing daycare on day of check-out, only daycare charges will be incurred regardless of check-out time.


  • LATE DAYCARE PICKUPS: Owner acknowledges and is aware that TPS does not accommodate late or after hours pickups from daycare. Owner further agrees to pay boarding charges associated with failure to pick up Pet during posted business hours.


  • OWNER REPRESENTATION: You are welcome to have a friend or family member drop off on your behalf. However, please understand that Owner will be responsible for adhering to our policy.