Often a dog/puppy’s behavior is situational or environmentally specific.  Given this the mudpups’ dog training philosophy adheres to the principal that it is best to work with the family and dog in the environment or situation in which the behavior presents.

Private lessons are offered in a variety of locations to provide for the optimal training opportunity for you, your dog, and your family.  Lessons can be provided at your home, at The Pet Spot, or at any location mutually agreed upon by the trainer and the family as long as it is of benefit to your dog and the training goals.

Private Lesson Specifics:
Lessons are 1 hour in length for an MP or TPS Session.

An MP Standard Private Lesson includes 1 Trainer with the Training taking place in the home environment, or at any mutually agreed upon environment.

If the travel time to the home or agreed upon environment is longer than 20 minutes from The Pet Spot, additional travel costs may apply.

Additional Trainers, Training Assistants, or Canine Assistants are available when needed to address specific needs.  Additional costs may apply.

Most MP Private Lessons include the family, however, Private Lessons can be provided while your dog is at Daycare or Boarding at The Pet Spot.  These are considered TPS Discounted Private Lessons.

Advanced Arrangements are required for all MP & TPS Private Lessons as all trainers work by appointment and the training schedule fills up quickly.

For the best Training or Behavior Modification outcome it is imperative that open, honest, and on-going communication occur between the trainer and the family.

Private Lesson Rates:
All Costs will be agreed upon between the trainer and the family prior to the Private Lesson so that there will be no surprises.

1 HR MP Standard Private Lesson in the home environment, or at any location mutually agreed upon – $95.00 hour.  Please note that the initial assessment may take longer and will be billed at a rate of $95 per hour.

1 HR TPS Standard Private Lesson at The Pet Spot on a day when your dog has not been in daycare or boarded at The Pet Spot – $75.00 hour.

1 HR TPS Discounted Private Lesson at The Pet Spot on the day your dog is at Daycare or being Boarded at The Pet Spot – $55.00 hour plus cost of Daycare and/or Boarding.

TPS 10 Pack Private Lesson are available:
 Pack TPS Discounted Private Lessons at The Pet Spot = $450 total / $45 a Lesson (A savings of $100 over 10 Lessons; Cannot be inter changed with the MP or TPS Standard Private Lessons; Cost does not include Daycare and/or Boarding costs.)

Additional Costs (if needed):
Additional Trainer – $60.00 hour

Training Assistant – $30.00 hour

Canine Assistant – $10.00 hour

Additional time is billed at the hourly rate of the designated Private Lesson and can be divided on the quarter hour.

If travel time to the home or agreed upon environment is longer than 20 minutes from The Pet Spot, additional travel costs may apply.

Payment is required at the time of service.  The total cost of the MP & TPS 3 Packs and 6 Packs are due at the end of the 1st Lesson.
(A return Check Fee of $20.00 will be applied to any returned check.)

Gift Certificates are available from The Pet Spot for Training Services.

If you are interested in long term training, training while your dog/puppy is boarding at The Pet Spot, or have special training needs, then our Board and Train or Intensive Specialty Training Packages may meet your needs while providing you with overall savings.