Welcome to mudpups’ dog training.

There are as many different types of dog training and behavior modification techniques as there are dogs.  Therefore it is important for you to make informed choices as to who will assist you with training your four-legged friend and what techniques will be utilized.

The mudpups’ philosophy utilizes a common sense approach to dog training and behavior modification focusing on teaching, consistency, clear and appropriate boundary setting, patience, practice, and relationship building.


We work with the family to determine their goals, assess the dog and family’s strengths and areas of issue, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various training techniques and tools in relation to that family’s unique situation.  The family is an integral part in the training process, as training and behavior modification is a process.  If the family is part of the process then the dog will make greater strides towards learning what is expected in the family setting and becoming a happier, healthy family member.

Dog’s are living breathing beings and therefore cannot be programmed like a computer or robot.  No matter what type of training or event in which you participate, always remember to let your dog be a Dog!  HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE MOMENT!

I welcome the opportunity to correspond with you.  If you should have any questions or comments about dog training and/or behavior modification, please contact me via the e-mail Lee@thepetspot.com or my direct line 513-257-5952.