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Dog Training

The Pet Spot offers a full menu of training classes, private lesson options and Board & Train Programs. Regardless of whether you have a mischievous puppy or an older dog in need of a refresher course, we are confident we have a training option to suit you and your pet.

dog with toy in mouth
dog with toy in mouth

Our trainers teach with the idea that your pet is part of your family and training should be fun. We use a unique blend of common sense, boundary setting training methods individualized for each family and their pet’s unique characteristics, personalities, and needs.

All activities at The Pet Spot are in a clean, safe, and fun environment. To participate in any of the training opportunities at The Pet Spot, all puppies must be current on all shots (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Flu, and flea and heart worm prevention).

We offer training classes on Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Check our class schedule for specific classes, dates, and times. Here is an overview of our training program.

Mudpups' Dog Training

The mudpups’ philosophy utilizes a common sense approach to dog training and behavior modification focusing on teaching, consistency, clear and appropriate boundary setting, patience, practice, and relationship building.

We work with the family to determine their goals, assess the dog and family’s strengths and areas of issue, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various training techniques and tools in relation to that family’s unique situation.  The family is an integral part in the training process, as training and behavior modification is a process.  If the family is part of the process then the dog will make greater strides towards learning what is expected in the family setting and becoming a happier, healthy family member.

Training Classes

5-Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Heel, Stay & Come

For this course we do not require much. Besides up-to-date vaccinations and your pup being 5 months or older, there are no other prerequisites. This is a basic, 6-week course designed to give your dog all the preliminary tools to become well trained. Whether you just got a brand new puppy, or your older dog needs a refresher on his manners, this class will work for you. These 6 one-hour classes will help you cultivate a strong relationship with your dog enriching the relationship you two share.

Basic Obedience 1/ Agility 1 (Reliability of Response)

The next level of our training program is designed to take the next step with your dog and build off of the progress you made in the first round of classes. This course is also 6 weeks and contains 6 one hour classes. Your dog must have passed the 5 Basic Commands class or be cleared by our trainer to be eligible for this class. This class focuses on providing a fun atmosphere for your dog to become more reliable with the basic commands they just learned. By the end of this class owners should feel comfortable giving these commands to their dog, and for the most part the dog should be listening. During this class owner and dog form an even closer bond than they did in the Basic Commands Class.

Basic Obedience 2 (Loose Leash Work)

Again, in this class we are building off of the previous two courses. Your dog must pass the first two classes, or get approval from our trainer, to enter this class. This class has an hour session each week for 5 weeks. The difference between this class and Basic Obedience 1 is the loose leash. In this class your dog and owner take the next step by not relying on the actual leash to enforce commands. In previous classes you use a leash or treat to entice your dog to listen. This class gives owners and their pets the tools to listen and communicate with each other without something to enforce the commands. By this stage the owners must rely on the relationship they have built with their dog to successfully complete all the basic commands.

Advanced Training (Off Lead Work)

For this class you must have passed the previous 3 classes, or have gotten clearance from our trainer. Like the previous course, this class is 5 weeks and contains 5 classes of an hour each. In this course, owners are still working on the basic commands, but now they are enforcing them with their dog off-leash. This is a big step in the training process because once your dog has your full attention without the leash or treats to keep them focused, you can feel confident that you have control in most situations. The pet/owner relationship takes a big step forward here. Dogs that are fully attentive without being attached to a leash are well on their way to being fully trained.

*For Training Inquiries contact Lee at 513-257-5952 or [email protected]