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The Pet Spot

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About Us

Dog chewing on toy while laying in the grass.

Our Story

The Pet Spot is Cincinnati’s top pet care resort for boarding, training, doggy daycare and grooming. We strive to make your furry family member’s stay safe, enjoyable and fun! Our best customer feedback is watching your pet pull you back to our door on your next visit.

Our mission is simple: to be your pet’s home away from home. The love of animals is a prerequisite to working here. If you trust us to take care of your pet, then you can rest easy knowing that the person taking care of your pet loves him/her as much as you do. When you trust us with your pet, they become part of our family!

Our facility includes over 2.5 acres (55,000 modern square feet) of indoor climate controlled dog heaven. The dogs have ample room to stretch their legs, run around and get all of their energy out. The yards are located both indoors and outdoors, so weather is never a factor in your dog's ability to play.